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Texas Chemist

Texas Chemist is operating 100% legally, in accordance with all applicable laws. We guarantee that it’s 100% secure to place orders online at our website since we use various encryption technologies that keep all your sensitive information private and safe. Our main goal is your satisfaction!

Our Team

  • Dr. John J Peters is a medical specialist working in Battle Mountain, Nevada. He graduated from Northwestern University in 1959. His main specialization is Family Practice. Dr. Peters has more than 59 years of medical experiences and cooperates with many hospitals, doctors and specialists;
  • Dr. Tessie Aikara is a family medicine specialist working in Columbia. She has more than 13 years of diverse experiences. Dr. Aikara graduated with a medical degree from Rush Med College in 2005. Her main specialization is Family Medicine;
  • Dr. Monica V Benson is a medical specialist from Louisiana. She graduated from Louisiana State University in New Orleans in 1976. Dr. Benson has more than 40 years of medical experiences in General Practice and Rehabilitation;
  • Dr. John R Blackwell is a contingent worker of Texas Chemist. He is writing articles and reviews the descriptions of every drug presented on our website. John specializes in interventional radiology. He graduated from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 1999 and has 20 years of medical experience. John cooperates with many hospitals, other doctors and specialists. His knowledge allows him to inform people about various health problems, including sexual disorders and treatments. He regularly publishes informative articles about sexual health and many other conditions.